Last week we attended the Fish International fair in Bremen, Germany. It was a successful visit resulting in a lot of positive response to the South Georgia Toothfish experience. 


We decided to attend this fair in Europe because of our relatively new consumer-ready portions and fillets for individuals and the catering industry. The production of these products started about a year ago in our own factory at the Falklands. In the process, our self-caught fresh fish is instantly being manufactured into a consumer-ready product. 

Our South Georgia Toothfish as a whole, is already quite known in Asia and America and it is very appreciated for its rich flavor. Now, by introducing this extraordinary fish to the public at Fish International, we hope Europe too will treasure it soon. 

Especially for this occasion, we invited chef Dirk Haasnoot, who is running a fish restaurant for years now, to prepare a tasty South Georgia Toothfish experience for curious visitors at Fish International fair! We were so pleased to hear the positive and enthusiastic response of the public. The typical flavor, accentuated by the presentation, was a succes. 

Curious about the South Georgia Toothfish preparation of chef Dirk Haasnoot and his thoughts about our product? Please stay tuned for his “Chefs Choice” video regarding these topics. It will be online soon!

Did you know we also started an inspiring “Home Cooking” series to demonstrate how to prepare our delicious South Georgia Toothfish at home? Collect recipes and try it yourself. Go to our  webshop and order our South Georgia Toothfish now.

In the meantime, we are looking forward to the next fair to attend in Boston by the end of this week. Come visit us when you are around!



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