In this series we hear the opinions of Toothfish that a select group of people have shared with us.  Some of them are already familiar with the product, others are not.  We hope you enjoy reading about their experiences. Inspiration for your own first encounter with South Georgia Toothfish?



Name: Joost Pompert
Profession: General Manager at Georgia Seafoods. Largely based in the Falkland Islands, responsible for the safe operations of our fishing vessels and the day to day management of the company.

What does cooking mean to you?
It is an enjoyable and satisfying activity, and it always makes someone else happy too!

What was the first thing that came to your mind when you heard about South Georgia Toothfish?
I have worked in the Falklands and South Georgia fisheries as a biologist for nearly 30 years, and as such I have frequently came into contact with this delicious fish. It is so very different from all the other fish caught in the region.

Can you describe the taste of this fish?
Toothfish is very rich in flavour with a high fat content but it has quite a sturdy and firm body. It lends itself very well as sashimi for those that love the pure taste of raw fish with wasabi and soy. I also love the ceviche style with this fish, in particular the way it is done in Peruvian cuisine with some spicy red chilli peppers and garlic in addition to copious amounts of lime juice.

What is your dish of choice for the South Georgia Toothfish?
I really love portions of Toothfish baked in the oven with a crusty top made with cream crackers, parsley and lemon juice. It is easy to cook and flavoursome. The first time I had this dish was at Government House in the Falkland Islands, where the Governor’s chef had experimented with many dishes.

Your wishlist for the perfect dinner with friends or family:
– Pisco Sour Aperitif

– Octopus a la feira, clam chowder, fresh crab cocktail or vegetable soup with homemade bread for starter.
– For main course a tasty baked South Georgia Toothfish with roast potatoes and roast vegetables with a little butter.
– Lemon sorbet or lemon cheesecake dessert!
– To top a great night off: some cheese and port.

Toothfish baked in the oven with a crusty top recipe for 2

2 portions South Georgia Toothfish
30 cream-crackers
1 lemon

Crush ±20-30 cream-crackers with a pestle and mortar. Add lemon juice from 1 lemon and some chopped parsley. Make sure that mixing the three ingredients results in a thick paste.

Meanwhile position the portions of toothfish whole (skin down) on a baking tray, but make sure the bottom of the portion (skin) is covered with some oil (so it won’t stick). With a fork, a spoon, or with your hands, cover the portion of fish with a thick layer of the paste (1-2cm thick), and trim he edges for neatness. There is in my view no need for pepper nor salt, as the delicious flavour of the fish is perfectly balanced by the flavour of the crusty top.

One alternative way of preparing the portions is to cut the portion in half all the way down to the skin but not cut through it, and then fold this together standing the folded portion upright. It looks neater. 

Roast in a hot oven (±180-200 C) for about 12-15 minutes. When the paste becomes a nice brown crust, the fish is cooked, and the dish ready.

Present on a plate with some boiled and buttered new potatoes and vegetables of your choice. Or, if preferred, a nice salad. In winter time, this dish is great with roast and glazed potatoes and roast vegetables such as parsnips, carrots or beetroot.

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